In 'The Chicken Went To Scotland', I am the chicken. Bawk. I am very excited for this role because I have been told that I am no 'ordinary chicken'. Nicole discussed with me that I am a high fashion lady who goes to Scotland during the 1920s. (I was slightly relieved to find that we are speaking metaphorically about the chicken.) Snooty, and slightly vain, I enter the piece without giving the other characters more than a glance as they dance around in a very carefree nature. Throughout dance, I appear as a total misfit, but at some point I let go of my chic ways and join in on the fun.

Although we have only had a handful of rehearsals so far, I think it's coming together very well. We are working quickly to prepare the 25 minute piece for the end of April. There's a lot to do, but we are also having so much fun in the studio. When Nicole choreographs something, she knows exactly what she wants, but when she sets it, she's open to working with us on what might work better, or what we can tweak and change to best showcase the dancers. The other 5 dancers and I are so dedicated to the process. It often takes collective brain power to figure things out! 

I love the creative process and I think we are putting together something clever and fun. I also know I have 25 minutes of dancing ahead of me including a 4 minute solo. We are getting our stamina up and working hard in the studio. See you from the stage!