Flashing back to the glamour of the 1950s the audience is transported into the world of two lovers. Stumbling through the basic waltz, the viewers are delighted with the awkwardness of a new relationship. The couple evolves, smoothly and gracefully gliding across the floor. Peeking into different windows of life as time passes by, outside political situations cause a disruption in the romance.

Forest of Mirrors

Forest of Mirrors is a surrealistic dreamscape following a young woman through her journey to find a more idealized version of herself. Choreographer Nicole Buggé explores this theme through a free flowing organic quality in a constantly shifting forest of dancers; the young woman’s movements are distraught and naïve as she sees an idealized version of herself peaking through the trees.

A Glezele Vayn

Inspired by the rhythmic music of The Klezmatics this original dance integrates traditional folk motives with the choreographer’s knowledge of classical ballet and transferred to the nine dancers. Each performer’s relationship with the others were carefully chosen to demonstrate many aspects of life as they portray a celebratory evening scene; as the night passed by they appear more intoxicated.

Rosa Encadenada

Rosa Encadenada tells the story of a conflicted woman. Feeling imprisoned as an upscale escort, money comes easy but happiness is hard to find. She struggles with the decision of whether to continue the easy existence or face the unknown. Arranged with a Spanish flair, this sensual work showcases nightly interactions between five women and two men clad in bustles.

The Chicken Went to Scotland

The Chicken Went To Scotland is about three men and three women working en point to tell an energetic and light story between characters about fitting in. Afro-Latin percussion combined with post-bob jazz and traditional Celtic music is the foundation for quick lively movements. The women are “tossed” with ease from one man to another with quick footwork and sassy interactions between the dancers.  A vintage and jazzy feel sets the tone for an easy-going, bouncy piece, set in 1920s Scotland. Tensions between the characters are minor, compared to the joy and ease of dancing.


Tightrope tells the story of four women’s journeys through the ups and downs of an American southern fair season. Clad in sneakers and ballet buns these modern, yet free spirited, women express their southern sweetheart flair through an engaging blend of contemporary and traditional ballet.


Struggling with the confines of what it means to be female in the Baroque era, five women search inside to find acceptance or rebellion. Clad in dark restricting hoop skirts and large collars the women navigate complex contemporary choreography en pointe. Moments of surrender and disobedience paint the stage as one dancer finds the strength to be free.


Tightrope on The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Rosa Encadenada and Tightrope performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center. 

The Nutcracker presented by Buggé Ballet, The Studio Cooperative, and The College of Southern Maryland. Choreography by Nicole Buggé.