• Historic Downtown Brattleboro Vermont (map)

Nicole Buggé will be teaching multiple classes over the Southern Vermont Dance Festival weekend including a traveling ballet class, improvisation for bun heads and Elemental Body Alignment System.

The Southern Vermont Dance Festival promises to be an exciting four days of dance classes, lectures and performances hosted in the one and only Brattleboro, VT. The festival attendees will have performances to attend each evening as well as a choice of many different classes each day. There will be many amazing opportunities offered to the professional dancer, dance student, and dance enthusiast.

This festival weekend will be filled with incredible raffle events, downtown performances and workshops as well as live music and performances hosted by various local businesses. This event will be accessible to everyone who is interested in participating in a weekend of dance and movement.

For tickets and more information: http://southernvermontdancefestival.com/