As we close out our time in lovely Edinburgh the dancers had a show filled day with two street performances on the Royal Mile and then one last Booking Dance Festival run! The energy on the Royal Mile was exhilarating! 

Performing on the Royal MIle with Booking Dance Festival

Performing on the Royal MIle with Booking Dance Festival

Dancers Paige and Mara shared some reflections on there time here:

Mara: It is incredible to be exposed to such quantity and variety of performance, and I am so pleased to share this experience with a wonderful group of dancers.

Paige: Seeing other shows in the Fringe has been incredibly inspiring. Every artist and performer is beyond passionate and enthusiastic to share their craft. I have never seen more receptive and supportive audiences. Being able to dance and share my passion with other performers, choreographers, and audience members from all over the world is overwhelmingly rewarding. i wish every artist could have a taste of what its like to be part of the community in Edinburgh during the Fringe.